The Flying Dutchman II



This is an allegory of a human’s life. By entering this world we look around at first, when carefully making our first steps. We experience our first desires and to get them fulfilled we have to climb into „the sandbox” belonging to others. Our appetite grows with each day surpassing our powers and feasibilities. Not always we have the necessary talents and aptitudes to get satisfaction and delight. It is a fight. The desperate fight for a material piece both among the ordinary people and on the level of the so-called „servants of the people”. The conquest of foreign territories due to any reasons has been taking place since the moment of a man’s arrival in this world. Somebody will survive, somebody will die. The eternal motion through storms and nasty weather. Who is right and who is wrong – it is all relative…

Material: Ag 925

Size: 90 x 90 x 45